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Design of the Educational website with mobile version, live chat and privacy policies. You will be able to write a brilliant research paper if you follow all the guidelines to prepare for this process.

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a motion sensing game created in Processing | watch video

A project exploring real-time motion sensing interactivity. I created this mini game using Processing incorporating the OpenCV library. I chose space invaders for it's nostalgic associations. The project utilizes a simple webcam which enables the user to interact with the Processing game.


Australian Singing Competition website concept

While at Sharkey Media, I was assigned the task of creating a fresh design for the Australian Singing Competition website. The original website featured allot of information and text, this needed to be organised and enclosed in a cleaner more modern design.



semi-finalist design at the national Adobe Pixel Mash 2009 competition

The Adobe Pixel Mash competition tests the skill and creativity of its competitors in a 15 minute race for the crown. A group of 8 up and coming designers from around Australia were selected to battle head to head given 1 image, an impetus and 15 minutes to let their creativity run wild. The bubblegum machine image and the word "flashback" inspired this explosion of colour.


Tusa & View ad - created at Tabata Australia

Tabata requested I create an ad featuring the new Tusa Geminus mask made of the highest grade silicon. One of the major features of the Geminus mask is the metallic, glittering lightweight frame. I was asked to give the ad a futuristic look to magnify the mask's tag line "the Geminus leads where others will follow". In addition, it was important to maintain Tusa's underwater aesthetic. The ad was published in Sportslink 2009 annual publication and Divelog.


Nils Master fishing ad - created at Tabata Australia

It was most important to uphold the organic look and feel of the Nils Master lure because of its specially hand crafted design using balsa wood. Equally, it was important to reflect tradition and the sportsmanship associated with the lure.


personal print - Photoshop painting

In response to the request to create a graphic depicting the boundaries between traditional and digital art, this digital painting explores the contrasts between the art of painting with a brush and the art of painting with pixels. This graphic was featured in the UK publication of Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 27.


Boulevard concept ads - Photoshop painting

Boulavard required posters to enhance and promote their clothing range. This was an open brief - models were painted and their garments remained as a photographic image.


winning design at Qantm College Adobe Pixel Mash 2009 competition

The Qantm College Adobe Pixel Mash competition set out to test the skill and creativity of 8 college students. Winning this competition enabled me to proceed to the national Pixel Mash competition. The cassette image, supplied by Pixel Mash, the impetus "future" and only 15 minutes brought this image to life.


packaging concept

The purpose of this project was to create a "resume in a box". The concept is based on the Burgopak packaging where by pulling one side the other pops open. In order to create this prototype I deconstructed a similar package and recreated the knife line. The visuals on the cover are a twist to the previously established brand identity.

lip tatt cut & paste

semi-finalist design at the Sydney Cut & Paste competition | more info

Similar to the Pixel Mash competition, Cut & Paste tests the skill and creativity of its competitors. Each contestant is given a theme, a medium and 15 minutes to create a graphic from scratch which best fits the brief. The brief was to create a tattoo design inspired by the phrase "sweet as...".


personal print

A graphic exploring photoshop collage with a serene organic feel.

qantm shirt

t-shirt concept for Qantm College

Qantm College asked to have a new t-shirt design created for its staff and students that included and maintained its presence as a leading multimedia college. The print needed to express the Qantm vibe - young, free and fun.


fight against homophobia concept poster

1 of a series of posters that presented a political stance. The posters needed to be bold with the ability to draw the viewer from afar. the series was inspired by WWII propaganda posters and contemporary street art.


fight against homophobia concept poster

1 of a series of posters that presented a political stance. The posters needed to be bold with the ability to draw the viewer from afar. the series was inspired by WWII propaganda posters and contemporary street art.

web design


website design & development for Jim Beam Island 2008 - created at G1 Productions | view site

Jim Beam Island is an incentive program where independent bottle shop owners are whisked off to a paradise island if they reached their annual sales target. I was approached to create an animated, interactive website that would excite the viewer about the program, encourage competition and drive sales. An island twist needed to be applied to Jim Beam's existing existing identity.


website design for Jim Beam Island 2010 - created at G1 Productions | view site

The brief for the 2010 Jim Beam Island was to create an informative website about the event while incorporating an order tracking system for the participants. Every venue that signed up to the Jim Beam Island incentive program received a login to the website enabling them to see how they were tracking compared to other participants. The development of the website was done in conjunction with WebManage and their CMS.


swiss style inspired experimental website | view site

For this experimental project, a strict swiss style inspired grid found in printed magazines was implemented into an interactive timeline - depicting the development of the international typographic style.


Rimmel Vex - website concept

A community driven website for a new range of products by Rimmel. The layout for Rimmel's design was created in response to a market research campaign that found the fun and rebellious party girl was the products greatest consumer. the layout depicts a fun and rebellious feel to further target this audience.

joannebentley - makeup artist website | view site

Joanne Bentley is a Sydney based makeup artist that wanted to have a simple online presence. working from the materials, fabrics,textures and colours that Joanne had collected, I encompassed this into the project to deliver a simple yet effective website.


Digitex Tutorials - dynamic website concept

The main focus on this project was to design and create a database structure for a tutorial sharing website. Re-working a template for the design, I was able to focus on the php & mysql coding.


Carlile Swimming Club - dynamic website concept

I created a dynamic, community driven wesbite for the Carlisle Swimming Club to heighten and promote the club's initiatives which included a tool that enabled all members to communicate and coordinate events with each other.

video & animation

Who Framed Veruca Salt video

music video for Who Framed Veruca Salt by Jack Colwell | view video

Working with musician Jack Colwell, the concept for this video was developed. The video recaps emotions and images Jack had whilst writing the songs for his EP. I was in charge of artistic direction as well as directing, filming and editing the video. Please note, this video contains sexual and drug references.

Play Ball Animation

Play Ball - short Flash animation | view video

A short Flash animation inspired by the work of Jhonen Vasquez.

who am i?

david helman, the creator of smeared black ink, began creating print and web graphics for a range of clients with diverse needs back in 2007. strapped with a multitude of skills; corporate branding, navigation & interaction design, desktop publishing, illustration, flash animation, online content management, acute attention to detail; this pure creative genius was the winner of qantam college pixel mash, semi finalist in the national pixel mash and finalist for cut & paste, sydney.

not so hidden, are his trove of clients:
Jim Beam, Commonwealth Bank, G1 Productions, G1 Direct, Tusa Diving Gear, View Water Sport Accessories, Reeftourer Australia, Nils Master Fishing, Joanne Bentley, Boulevard 2,

think big. think bold. think smeared black ink.

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